Thursday, September 28, 2017

Hunter 260

The newest addition to our fleet is a 2002 Hunter 260. It suffers from neglect. so we're spending a lot of time, money and elbow grease to bring it back to life.

On the lift at the yard

Scraping & sanding in prep for bottom pant

Centerboard looks nasty but it's in good shape

Outboard will be ready by tomorrow.

Just to make things interesting, the sail was installed on the wrong side of the furler. To get it off we have to cut the furler or detach the forestay

Scary centerboard pins

Monday, July 10, 2017

Chrysler Update

All Mates:
Herman and I took the Chrysler sailing Thursday with it's jib that we found in his rental garage on S. L st. In a blue bag marked with FD ( Flying Dutchman, Not)
The boat performed well after we got it out beyond the obstructions, jetty and rocks.  We made two trips to Lantana. Will mark the bag as Chrysler.

Several points need to be noted, some action.
1.  Rigging the jib is tricky, cable at top should be connected to jib forward of
    pulley on mast so that downward cable is not crossing jib. The cable
    unwound slightly. The wire can cut your hand.
2.  Need pin to go into jib cable attachment to mast at base, we used a nail. I
     will get one.
3.  Need new cord to connect furling can at base of jib, old one broke.
     Look at Blue Holder for guidance.
4. Furl jib before raising it, leave can at bottom unwound.  The jib sheets will
   unfurl the jib and wind the cord.  When coming in to dock use the cord to
   refurl the jib.
5. The plugs that let water leak from the centerboard case are loose.  There is a
    tiny nut on the rubber side of the plugs, they should be tightened to spread
     the plug.  Picture below.  I will tighten them.
6.  Some of the sheets are too long, getting in the way
7.   Some question about the jib sheet, outside or inside of cable supporting the
     Mast.  If outside, the rubber hose on the cable needs to be pulled down as
     far as possible.
8.  The tiller on the rudder should have the extension on top, otherwise it flops
     around.  Need a short piece of Velcro to hold it in place.  I will do this.
9.  Plugs for drainage are tricky.  Instructions magic marked on back of
     centerboard case.

Jimmy Kelly Sr.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Donna Lange

Donna Lange, who lives here in Lake Worth, has accomplished more than most sailors only dream of doing. She has sailing solo twice around the world.

We have two opportunities to meet Donna. The first is at Lake Worth Commission Chambers at City Hall on May 16. The city will honor her accomplishments at the regular Commission Meeting which starts at 6PM. There will be a public reception after in the adjoining room.

Second is this event at Rudy's on June 1. Be sure to RSVP at
Rudy's Music Hideaway Vacation Airbnb
18 South Palmway, Lake Worth, Florida 33460

Donna Lange and Bob Philburn will bring an exciting evening of original songs including a 45 min presentation about Donna's sailing ventures around the world. Midst a music concert and slides you will hear Donna's true story of transformation and hope overcoming challenges in her life to find her way to sailing... How does a 38 year old woman from the mountains of NY find herself sailing on the ocean, sailing around the world... not once, but twice? Join us for a fun, inspiring, musical and video presentation. A $10.00 donation is appreciated. Those who have already donated to Donna's sailing venture are requested to be our guests for the evening. THANK YOU! BYOB!!!

It's exciting to have such an accomplished sailor in Lake Worth!

It's exciting to have such an accomplished sailor in Lake Worth!

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Flying Dutchman Challenge

The Flying Dutchman rig is like a big puzzle. There are more blocks & lines than we've ever dealt with before!

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Addition to Our Fleet--Mutineer 15

Thanks to the generosity of Mr Mendez of Miami, we now have a Chrysler Mutineer in the club.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Jib Dilemna

Our main

New factory jib $500

Used jib $100

Used jib

Used jib
We have a decision to make.

As you know, the new Holder has no jib. I've been working the discussion groups & have come up with 2 alternatives--a new jib which is the exact match of our main for $500 & a well-used jib that does not match for $100. Both include shipping.

I also talked to Supersailmakers in Lauderdale. They have them on sale for $379 plus $39 if we want a window. These come with a wire luff instead of hanks. Hanks would be another $40. Or we could have a single color for $322 plus window. Some of the colors are "premium" & cost more. A plain white one would be $281--a really good price compared to any others I found. These prices would all be plus tax & shipping. Fabrication time is 2-3 weeks.

The factory jibs are no longer made & are hard to find. This was a stroke of luck. But it's expensive. We got the boat for $850 based on the missing jib--$350 off the asking. With a window, tax and shipping the Supersailmaker one would be almost as much as the factory one & we could have it sooner.

The older used jib is from a previous model--the Holder 14 as opposed to the Holder 14 Mark II which we have but will apparently work. Our model has a shorter mast but the jib is shorter than the forestay so should be fine. I have not found specs directly comparing the size of the 2 jibs.

I like a bargain, so it's hard for me to recommend the $500 jib. But as you'll see, the boat we bought is exceptionally clean--like new. I've seen Holders like this advertised for as much as $2000 so I don't think it's extreme to spend so much. But how important is color? White or a single color might be just fine.

I haven't tried negotiating with the seller of the new jib. He might accept less but was quite firm that he bought it new & never put it on the boat--that "it never saw the sun" & all he wants out of it is what he paid for it.

I'd like to get your opinions.